Car with banner 'buy car insurance for one day'

Insuring Your Classical Beauty!

Classic car owners do not usually drive their cherished motors on a day-to-day basis, and many of them are laid up for long periods of time, being brought out for shows, rallies and perhaps the occasional holiday. Insuring one of them for a full 12 months could therefore represent a considerable waste of money. This is where short-term car insurance, and particularly one day cover, can be really useful. Provided that the vehicle has not been modified in any way and is well maintained with a current MOT there is a reasonable possibility that it could be insured for a short period of time varying between just one and 28 days. Insurers have a list of vehicles that they are prepared to cover and it would only take a moment or two to check on whether or not your vehicle is on one of these lists.

OK, how do I qualify?

Drivers should be over the age of 25, with a full UK driving licence which was obtained more than 12 months ago. The odd driving conviction or fault accident may not necessarily be a bar to acceptance although obviously, just as with conventional insurance policies, they may affect the premium required. most owners of classic cars are motoring enthusiast however, who treat their vehicles carefully and respect other road users so their insurance premiums tend to be very reasonable.

A short-term policy could allow you to drive your pride and joy for the occasional outing, or allow a friend to borrow it for a short while, while still remaining in compliance with the law, and without having to go to the expense of paying for a full twelve months cover.